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Laughing LOL - I am an extravagant luxury traveler, not a Cheap Charlie. http://www.mytraveldictionary.com/c/cheap-charlie-defined.php

A Quality Life Demands Quality Questions e from Dr. John F. Demartini

Check Box Tour: Travel from tourist site, to tour site and checking them off to say we have been there, and done that. (Daniel said about a tour of France on the Wall April 6, 2016) http://www.hobotraveler.com/hobos/daniel5599

Were all here, because were not all there.
-- Learned from Russel in Panajachel, Guatemala.

Added the Two Week Millionaire under T.

I added the definition Flâneur from the French noun flâneur, means stroller, lounger, saunterer, or loafer. Flânerie refers to the act of strolling, with all of its accompanying associations.

The flâneur was, first of all, a literary type from 19th century France, essential to any picture of the streets of Paris. The word carried a set of rich associations: the man of leisure, the idler, the urban explorer, the connoisseur of the street. It was Walter Benjamin, drawing on the poetry of Charles Baudelaire, who made this figure the object of scholarly interest in the 20th century, as an emblematic archetype of urban, modern experience.[1] Following Benjamin, the flâneur has become an important symbol for scholars, artists and writers.

Thanks Andy Graham

I know very well what a Cheap Charlie is.
I had many experiences with people, and still have, with people on the island Koh Pha-ngan. They looking for a good place to stay and want all for low prices and all inclusive.

I have good holiday houses for rent with my wife. Because of the international crisis we lowered the prices already a lot. But still some people think, that we can make it lower!

A fair deal is with a Cheap Charlie not possible! -)

I wish you would elaborate more on N.G.O.s.

You are one of the few people in the world the deals with them on a constant basis many days of every month of every year for the past 20 years.

No Joke. The U.N. United Nations should hire you as a consultant to teach them how to spend (OUR) their money. I too have dealt with them. 2 Categories.

1: Wide-eyed college kids who WANT to change the World.
#2 Those who Exploit Wide-eyed college kids who cant change the world.

This is a book that needs to be published by Andy.

Big-fishâ??little-pond effect (BFLPE) is a term introduced by Herbert W. Marsh, and popularised by Matthew Gardner, which hypothesizes that the self-concept of students is negatively correlated with the ability of their peers in school: Thus, academic self-concepts depend not only on ones academic accomplishments but also the accomplishments of those in the school that a student attends.

An implication of this effect is that low- or medium-ability students might prefer to attend a low-ability school instead of a high-ability school, as this would be better for their self-concept. These pupils can receive additional motivation from low- or medium-ability pupils in their class because their own achievements appear more significant. They feel more honored and may be motivated to keep their edge over the other pupils. This is especially true for pupils with a lack of self-confidence. Some parents send their children, with the explicit recommendation of psychologists, to schools that are known for a moderate level of proficiency.

An opposite effect is the reflected glory effect (or assimilation effect), which describes the stimulation a pupil may receive from a school with a high level of proficiency.


Biometric Visa - http://travel.state.gov/visa/immigrants/info/info_1336.html

Travelers Creed: http://www.hobotraveler.com/real-travelers/the-traveler-s-creed.php

T.A.Z.: The Temporary Autonomous Zones http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temporary_Autonomous_Zone

Great article Andy. I really enjoyed it. I never thought of travel in that way. It put a whole new perspective on travel. Thank you so much. Good luck in your travels.

All these ladies in the various places in Africa you have been in
sounds like a lot of fun, but Africa has a very high rate of aids
so I know I would not partake in less I knew one for a while
and she has been medically checked out.

I could explain how many luxuries I have, but why?

I got a pedicure on the beach yesterday for one dollar, it was a luxury for me. But funny, all the Togo people appear to have manicures and pedicures, and we think they are poor... hehehe - What we cannot afford, the do as normal.

I can live anywhere on the planet, and may soon live in Paris to help my French, I am not in Africa to save money, I here because I want to be here.

I save a penny, and the dollars are no problem.

Hi Andy,
My Great Grandfather saw me and another boy playing a new game we had just learned. gambling with pennies. Pitching pennies at a line to see who was closest. He fussed at us. I replied it was only pennies. He came back with
Boy you take care of the pennies and then the dollors will take care of their self

Good point in not being nickel and dimed buying little items to change money.

Andy you really got it right this time. I am enjoying not having to buy water here. You can drink the water right out of the tap. And all the hot water and ice is free.
I need a snack when I travel so I just put some in my carry on bag. Maybe a small bag of cheetos, or nuts and a couple cup cakes for eating on the airplane with coffee. And I carry my own little tea bags and sachets of San Miguel Coffee. But if I need to eat something big I usually get a subway sandwich or some hot noodle dish if I am in Taiwan or Japan.
And I try to always have change. For taxis, jeepneys, and little things. I like to think that I am getting a little wiser as I get older. LOL
Phil J

Excellent advice about leakage, one learns that you use large bills when every possible to maintain a reserve of small bills for street use. Advice from someone on a low budget is to keep track of every peso/penny spent by writing it down om a small notepad and then at the end of the month I category and total everything. When you see where it all went it helps with self-discipline!

I try to not waste money when I travel but at the same time I will buy something overpriced simply for the connivence.
I also will treat myself to a very good meal at times because I enjoy really good food. Its extravagant but then life is short
and as long as I can afford it at times its worth the extra cost.

An application to track all transactions

I use an app called Visual Budget. One of the accounts is called Cash Wallet and it shows where I spent cash.

Lots of other apps out there. They run on smartphone such as Iphone or android. Does anyone use a smartphone in Asia?

Good article. I agree. I shop around and try to get the best deal and not depend on the affinity thing. There is a notable affinity good deal in Subic Bay in the Philippines. It is hotel accommodations. Same for restaurants.

After reading what I have written, there is also a problem with this site regarding extras, such as exclamation marks and all the rest. They simply only show up while writing and when published they are gone.

There so many similar articles out there and yet not the same.

Unfortunately, youre so right.

Have worked for immigration downunder and here in Germany to mention only one dept issueing work permits. In refugee cases whom have enough sh*t to deal with on a daily basis, whom find employment amongst their own culture, they are to 99 ripped-off badly.
Personally I started to write a Bad list with such employers and what was appauling was the fact that their own country men/women were ripping these people off.
No extended work permit without regular evidence of income. Often would invite the employer for further info regarding employment conditions and request them to pay their (best qualified) employee/fellow country man in cash in front of me.
The same procedure on every application extention.

Not that I learnt from that, no I took a fellow traveller in from Holland and he stole the rent from another border.

Learning to trust again


Clubme... I have seen this many times from this writer. He writes an article about My Sadness for Writers Who Cajole Their Brains for the Novel Thoughts

Then he copies and pastes one of his next articles from another web page...

Andy can be a good writer even when he is making excuses for not polishing his pieces with proper spelling.But that could be a part of his style and artistic license. So if you see misspelled words and terrible grammar youll know its an original piece of Andy Grahams... You cant cut and paste that! :)

Nice article, but a direct copy from wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affinity_fraud

Whoo! That was a rather lengthy explanation.


Remember the story of the man caught in a flood who was offered a helicopter and boat ride to safety but then declined and said he was waiting for God?

Maybe God answers prayer through microfinancing just like God could have sent the boat and the helicopter.

Why be so cynical about God or about people who trust in God?

Give a man a fish, and youll feed him for a day
Give him a religion, and hell starve to death while praying for a fish

What is your favorite travel slang?