T - the letter T in the Travel Dictionary : MyTravelDictionary.com

T - The letter T in Travel Dictionary : MyTravelDictionary.com


Tell (Traveler's) The thing that tells you, the thing that telegraphs do you, that you are at the center of the backpackers universe.

T.A.Z. - The Temporary Autonomous Zones: The socio-political tactic of creating temporary spaces that elude formal structures of control. An essay uses various examples from history and philosophy, all of which suggest that the best way to create a non-hierarchical system of social relationships is to concentrate on the present and on releasing one's own mind from the controlling mechanisms that have been imposed on it.

Television News or Media

Three Month Travelers Rule: The traveler rule by Andy Graham, that states that is you stay in the same city, the same hotel longer than 3 months, you are indeed living there, and not traveling.


T.M.I. : Too Much Information - Many times travelers tell too much, and someone says, T.M.I. Too Much Informaiton.

Tomorrow: A day that never comes, and day that is not important, see "Mañana Syndrome."

Tourist Attractions:

Tourist Destination: Tourist plan to see tourist

Travelers Huddle: Video 

Tourist Information: Office: A place that sells tourist or does hotel booking, generally has little to do with information, however if government ran sometimes a good place to find a city map.

Tourist Map:

Tourist Trap

Tourist Trap Hostel

Travel Blogger or Travel Blog

Travelers Creed: See The Traveler's Creed

Travelers Nest

Travel Myths: There are ideas and belief about the benefits of travel that have no basis in reality. i.e. you Will become a better person, you will learn tolerance, etc.

Travel Information: There are three types of travel information, government, semi-government and public offered. The semi and public often misrepresent their companies as being official recommended by the city free information. 98 percent of the information offered is biased sales information, more or less they are selling services for specific companies disguised as free or government sanctioned.

Travel Writers: 

Third World - Normal a group of nations that earn below 10 dollars per day, this is 85 percent of the planet and is the normal world. Common use: General designation of economically developing nations. The term originates, or derives from ("tiers monde" in French) as an analogy of the "third estate," First estate being the "Priest" Second estate being the "Nobles" Third estate being the "Common people" "Third Estate, class of membership in the Estates-General, a national representative body in France before 1789. The third estate represented the commoners, those in neither the clergy (first estate) nor nobility (second estate)" The phrase has the implied meaning of a "Class System". "Class System, social organization in which the rights and duties of individuals are largely determined by birth." Some are born either to be a Priest, or Noble, and inherently superior to the lessor.

I have trouble using the term, because it implies at times, that the third world is lessor, and is in turn not able to rise above, or reach the same status. The term developing nation, Civilized, and UN-Civilized are closer to being correct. But at the same time are difficulty and possibly imperialistic in nature. By imperialistic meaning to want to say my culture is superior to you culture, and you should change.


Tourism: travel for recreation or instruction, often in organized groups.


Tourist Friends

Tourist in Paradise

Tourist Information

Tourist Infrastructure

Tourist Map

Tourist Menu: A menu serving Western Style food, that normally is in English, the prices are maybe 25 cheaper than a developed country and normally a bad deal both in quality and price.

Tourist Trap: A place with many tourist, generally these tourist are paying the same cost and fees as in the USA or Europe. The place is really a developed country colony within a another country. There will be an over-abundance of "Tourist Menus" and you will always be able to see another tourist.

Translate: turn words into different language: to give an equivalent in another language for a particular word or phrase, or reproduce a written or spoken text in a different language while retaining the original meaning.

Transliteration: transcribe something into another alphabet: to represent a letter or word written in one alphabet using the corresponding letter or letters of another, so that the sound of the letter or word remains approximately the same (2)

Travel Insider: Owners of Travel Sites for over three years, travel agents for over 3 years, and travelers for over three years.

Traveler: Generally means anybody that left home for longer than one day.

Traveler versus Traveller

Traveler - (Real Traveler): If a person has traveled continuously for over three years, and doe not stay in one place longer than three months maybe they are real traveler. I think they need to have visited Asia, South or Central America, Europe and India to be called a real traveler.

Tropics: a line of latitude on the Earth’s globe either 23º 26′ north of the equator tropic of Cancer or 23º 26′ south tropic of Capricorn

Two Week Millionaire: When a person from a rich country on a two week vacation, and suddenly becomes a big spender. (Bill in Pana, Lake Atitlan January 2015)

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