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S H I T Suspected Hippie In Transit, Jeroen pointed out in Malaysia, maybe Singapore they used to stamp Passports S.H.I.T.


While talking with Jeroen in Istanbul, Turkey in December of 2014, he mentioned something quite hilarious.

A while back, maybe in the 60's, 70's, and even before, in Malaysia, maybe Singapore they would stamp a passport.


Suspected Hippie In Transit

If you buy chance have this stamp on an old passport, please send a photo to:

Andy Lee Graham hoboontheroad  AT  Yahoo.com

S.h.i.t Suspected Hippie in Transit

This is a photo of me, Andy Lee Graham lying on the ground, right below the Eiffel Towers in Paris, France. This is years before I ever put my photo on the travel Blog, as I have absolutely no desire for fame. 

Two Israel girls were with me that day.


Andy Lee Graham

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