S - Letter S in Travel Dictionary

S - Travel Words, jargon, slang and terms that begin with letter S.

Self-Contained Room - The toilet and shower are in the room, not shared and outside.

S.H.I.T. Suspected Hippie In Transit. 

Snowbirds: winter traveler to warmer climate: somebody who spends the winter in a place that has a warmer climate

Skeeters (mosquitos) - (by TropicalGuide)

Skype.com: VOIP system that supplies and on-line telephone system, a person can connect and talk Skype to Skype for free, and for various amounts of money you can call any number on the planet. This works with both landlines and cell phones, and you pay using a debit or credit card that has a balance.

Society Hippie - (by TropicalGuide)

Souless: People who do not care, who cannot empathize, and are dangerous.

Statas-cism – To want to be high status which means there must be low status.

Stereotype 1. A conventional, oversimplified conception, opinion, or image. 2. One regarded as embodying or conforming to a set image or type.

Stuff: There are non-essential wants, the stuff of life that clutters up our world.


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