ProMaDor Defined: This is French Man slang in Cote dIvoire for girls PROMADOR , means PROmener, MAnger, DORmir - Walk, Eat, and Sleep.

In Ivory Coast, properly called Cote d'Ivoire, the men from France who visit there have a slang way of describing girls.


We called this type of girl
"PROMADOR" , means PROmener, MAnger, DORmir.

Walk, Eat and Sleep in the French Language.

Life is rather simple in Cote d'Ivoire, and the girls can be rather debaucherous in nature, they walk around, they eat around, and they sleep around.


Pronounced in French

Proh Mah Door


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Bill99 from has written 2 comments

All these ladies in the various places in Africa you have been in
sounds like a lot of fun, but Africa has a very high rate of aids
so I know I would not partake in less I knew one for a while
and she has been medically checked out.

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