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The letter P in the Travel Dictionary: MyTravelerDictonary.com

PT: an acronym for Perpetual traveler, Permanent Tourist, Prior Taxpayer

P.H.D.'s - Post Hippie Dips - The hippies from the 60's who are living the life of the hippies, and never stop, they are post, after the fact, and in many ways a dip - Coined by Richard S. January 2013 for the dipshits.

Paludisme: the French word for Malaria 

Paradise Residents

Paradigm Shift: radical change: a radical change in somebody's basic assumptions about or approach to something.

Pensioner's Paradise:

Perpetual Traveler

Poetic Justice: just retribution: a situation in which somebody meets a fate that seems a fitting punishment or, less often, a fitting reward for his or her past actions

Post: -a travel Blog post, an article published using a content management system, you can say we posted the article or we logged the article, it was posted.

Poverty, economic condition in which people lack sufficient income to obtain certain minimal levels of food, housing, clothing, health services, and education generally recognized as necessary to ensure an adequate standard of living. What a society considers adequate, however, generally depends on its average standard of living. Generally, tourist and travelers consider anyone that does not live at Western standard poor, therefore poverty is for them 85 percent of the planet, in reality 15 percent of the planet is over-developed.

Prejudice, strictly defined, a preformed and unsubstantiated judgment or opinion about an individual or a group, either favorable or unfavorable in nature. In modern usage, however, the term most often denotes an unfavorable or hostile attitude toward other people based on their membership in another social or ethnic group. The distinguishing characteristic of a prejudice is that it relies on stereotypes (oversimplified generalizations) about the group against which the prejudice is directed.

Prime Directive of Travel: To enjoy the trip.

Primitive 1. Of or relating to an earliest or original stage or state; primeval. 2. Simple or crude; unsophisticated. See synonyms at rude. 3. Anthropology. Of a nonindustrial, often tribal culture. 4. Of or created by an artist without formal training. 5. Anthropology. A person belonging to a nonindustrial society. 6. a. A self-taught artist. b. A work of art by a primitive artist.

Propositional Style: A style of writing where a proposal is put forth, and conclusions are not drawn.

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