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This is the category O, in the Travel Dictionary.

On the Road: that you are in transit between to locations.

Open Jaw Ticket: An open-jaw ticket is a round-trip ticket in which the traveler does not arrive to the same city of departure and/or does not depart from the same city where he first landed. The path-lines between the airports form an open angle, rather than a closed loop, and the angle resembles an open jawline. This is sometimes called an ARNK (arrival unknown). The traveler will use some other transport to travel between the airports. It is sometimes also called multi-city, but that might also be a ticket with three flight legs forming a closed loop.  Wiki

How long are you out, this is Traveler Jargon that is asking the question, how long will you be "outside" your home country.

Outside: Outside the English Language, in a place that is outside your comfort or culture.

Overdeveloped Countries: There is a strong argument that would say, the modern countries or list of developed countries are truly overdeveloped, and not developed.

Overland: generally refers to people who buy Toyota landrovers, outfit them and travel overland in Africa. They can have anytime of vehicle.

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