M - The letter M of Travel Dictionary


MagicJack.com: System where you can plug a normal telephone into a jack on the side of a computer that has a high-speed Internet access and make telephone calls.

Mañana Syndrome:
when nothing get done, and truly not important if it does, mañana means tomorrow, and tomorrow never comes, and when we talk about tomorrow we are not creating a commitment, we are just talking about tomorrow. Talking about tomorrow means nothing in underdeveloped countries, or the normal planet.

Maxim: Generally any simple and memorable rule or guide for living, a principle for action, in that sense a maxim is a thought that can motivate individuals.

Mobile Household or Mobile Householders: The nuclear family is the unit of parents with their children: a social unit. When this group lives in a house, it is called a household, or the group are householders. Mobile is something moving easily: able to move freely or easily, thus a mobile household is when a nuclear family can move their household freely or easily.

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