H the Letter H of the Travel Dictionary

Words or jargon that begin with H in the world of travelers.


Happiness Budget:Just at a sustainable level, above poverty, but not sufficient enough to give you so much extra cash you spend all day shopping.


Hippie Dippies

Hippie Rap:

Hobo A homeless person, traveler, itinerant, vagrant, drifter, tramp

Honeymoon Time: The time from 30-90 days in a country, a time after you have adjusted, however, have not had time to become bored or frustrated. This is the time of Social Purgatory.

Hookah lounge

Hospitality is the relationship between the guest and the host, or the act or practice of being hospitable. This includes the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.

Hostel normally the cheapest form of traveler rooms, people can sleep in dormitories. A good Hostels a kitchen, if there is not kitchen, then a "FlopHouse Hostel" used mainly for drinking and making money, a Tourist Trap Hostel

Hotel Apartments

Hotel Critics: There are no hotel critics, there are travel writers who for pay write about the Hotels or Resorts, to be safe, never trust them.
Hotel Reviews

How to Travel Guidebooks: (See Destinations Guidebook) A guidebook outlines what is needed to travel, this is a book you read before you travel. It is to assist you in preparing, planning, organizing, and managing living outside your home or country in a foreign environment. The goal is to alleviate, preclude and circumnavigate by explaining the problems you will encounter and possible solutions, while allowing you the freedom to be you. These books will often list gear to buy, books to read, Internet sources and reputable experts. Warning, many how to guidebook are self-serving book meant to sell either specific gear, or to steer you toward something being sold, if you feel the author is trying to sell you something, please toss the book or it can cost you thousands of dollars in frustrations.

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