The term Godspeed is used by well mannered friends and family a traditional parting phrase said, right after the words goodbye.

Godspeed defined: An expression of good will when addressing someone, typically someone about to go on a journey or a daring endeavor.


Significance of word Godspeed to world travelers?
We use the word Godspeed to be polite, maybe the type of words your mother says to you, and wants you to say, for example we like to hear the phrase,
“bon appetit.”

There is no reason whatsoever to say “bon appetit,” and there is no reason to say “Godspeed,” there is no social castigation if you never use the terms, they are just extra words of polite society, and not barbarian. There are words used to fill the void, the quiet, the space of time when no words are needed, but we want to find a way to be polite.

Manners, and greetings are seldom needed, they are wanted by civil society as a way of showing respect. Please and thank you are seldom used by the 200 less than develop nations of the world, while saying hello is universally used in the same 200 poorer countries, you seldom hear the modern culture say hello. In New York City is may be considered unsophisticated, while saying hello in Thailand is standard manners.

Godspeed is somewhat like a platitude, or cliché, we do not need to worry ourselves when we hear the words, they are spoken with good intentions.

Godspeed is like saying:

Good luck
Have a nice journey
I hope all goes well.
Success or good fortune.
Safe journey.
A prosperous journey. (Most journeys are business related.)

And, of course of religious families it means:

My God protect you.
You are in Gods hands.

The only way to misuse this phrase it to find fault with the people using it.

From Middle English phrase God spede (“may God cause you to succeed”), from God (“god”) + spede, subjunctive of speden (“to prosper”), from Old English sp?dan, from sp?d (“success”)

Please note there is a hint of danger, if a soldier is going off to war, and then people are more likely to say, “Godspeed.” More or less, come back alive quickly.

Use it in good company, who weigh you on your intentions, it a sign you have good manner. But then again, please, thank you, and excuse me are needed to really have good manners.

Andy Lee Graham

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