F - Letter F for My Travel Dictionary

F, this is the letter F page of my travel dictionary, phrases, words, and jargon used by travelers.


Farang: Foreigner in the Thai language. Pronounced as FawLang. The R is pronounced like an L.

Flophouse Hostel: A hostel where the only place to enter when leaving the dormitory is the bar, the patrons of the Hostel drink all day.

Fool's Run: A fool's run

Foreigner is a Dollar Bill with Legs.

Francophone: The French speaking world, mostly France and Africa.

Flâneur: Flâneur from the French noun flâneur, means "stroller", "lounger", "saunterer", or "loafer". Flânerie refers to the act of strolling, with all of its accompanying associations.

The flâneur was, first of all, a literary type from 19th century France, essential to any picture of the streets of Paris. The word carried a set of rich associations: the man of leisure, the idler, the urban explorer, the connoisseur of the street. It was Walter Benjamin, drawing on the poetry of Charles Baudelaire, who made this figure the object of scholarly interest in the 20th century, as an emblematic archetype of urban, modern experience. Following Benjamin, the flâneur has become an important symbol for scholars, artists and writers.

French Foreign Legion: A French Army full of multi-nationals who often escaped going to prison by joining.

Freebooter - 1. a person, such as a pirate, living from plunder 2. Informal a person, esp an itinerant, who seeks pleasure, wealth, etc., without responsibility

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