Dominican Republic Jargon, Slang, or words used in this country that are abnormally used or in non-standard phrased with tourists.

Bipiar - To beep with the cell phone, to ring one time to tell the person to call you back.

Cabanas: - Hour paid hotels for sex.

Campo: Often used to say, the people from the country, or the people from small towns, not a necessarily a nice thing to say about a person. "He is from the Campo."

Carrito: The carro public, colllective taxi car used to travel between cities.

Carro Publico: A collective taxi, shared taxi used to travel between cities, just flag one down and for about 1-2 USD you can travel between cities.

Chulo: The boyfriend of a girl who is a prostitute in Dominican Republic.

Chupe: To suck a man.

Colega: I believe this is about the same as Socia of Socio in Spanish, more or less partner.

Cuviar: To purposely be deceptive to get money out out of a person for sex.

Dumb-Minicans Republic: Derogatory term for people from the Dominican Republic.

Gua Gua: The vans public transportation between small towns or villages in Dominican Republic.

Leche: Milk, but used by Domincan Republic girls to mean sperm of man.

Guapa in the mojority of Latino countries mean beautiful, but in DR something else.

Massage - "You want Massage?" Code phrase that means, do you want to me to come to your room? (Working Girl)

Policia a portado: a speed bump, translated as portable police.

Sanki Panki: Man who services women for love, normally European of American.

Tubi: the net the Haitian, maybe DR girls where on head to keep there hair arranges. Men sometims have decals saying, "No Tubi's"


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