Cheap Charlie Defined

Cheap Charlie Defined, it means more than cheap, and is often used in Thailand in rough and tumble areas, it means something if you hear a friend use it.

Cheap Charlie defined:

This is an attempt to define the term “Cheap Charlie,” so that you as a tourist or traveler understands, and maybe avoid problems. As best I can determine, the term originated in either Thailand or the Philippines, in these two countries is where I hear Cheap Charlie used the often, or from men who know about this world.

Cheap Charlie

In simplest of thinking it means,
“You are cheap.”
BUT --- Please this is not truly correct use of Cheap Charlie.
What the Thai person is saying,
“You, be a big spender. Hey you, you do not have the money to buy this.”

It is an insult used to cajole you into becoming a big spender, so the cheap girl makes double the money.

When is term Cheap Charlie used?

If you travel to any of these tourist cities in Thailand you may be called a Cheap Charlie.

Ko Chang
Chiang Mai
Koh Samui

This list above is places where boom boom girls industry thrives, you will not hear the term often in cities far away. And Pattaya is the center of use for Cheap Charlie, and I say this, but I have never been to Pattaya, Thailand.

This term is used in the dominating business of Thailand, the sale of women bars to foreigners.

Therefore, if you hear it, realize this person if a girl is or was a working girl, she knows the business. It is always best to walk away from anyone who uses the term, and calls you a “Cheap Charlie.”

If you hear a man use it, this is a sign of where he has been.

Remember, it is an insult, do not accept insults from anyone, anywhere on the planet, to stay and be insulted is to beg for problems. Many times the Farang or foreigners will call other foreigners Cheap Charlie. More or less saying to the other person, I have the money, and you are a nothing, just an insult, nothing more.

This is a low class term to use, mostly by girl selling to insecure males from abroad.

Be a MAN
In a way, the world believes the man is the money support, and women worldwide are trying to get their man to give up the money, and stop spending it on booze, and spend it on her.

A Cheap Charlie does not want a fair deal; they want two times the value for nothing.

A person who says Cheap Charlie when selling is trying to get twice the money for what they sell.

A foreigner using the term Cheap Charlie often uses it as newbie in Thailand to appear part of the in crowd, best to just listen.

Status, or the denigration of another human is one of the prime objectives of people abroad, often the person left their home country to be a somebody in another place. They love to make a joke about the person to try to elevate their status.

I often say, there are the wanted, the unwanted that live abroad.

A Cheap Charlie only buys price, but wants first class, and often willing to lie and cheat to get it.

A Cheap Charlie does not want a fair deal.

I hope you never hear this term, but if you do, best to walk away, the person is hanging around in rough and tumble areas of the planet. Of laugh, and ask, and have fun, it is not a sin to know the term, I am explaining it today.

I have traveled for 15 years, listened to 100’s of men use the term, and a few Thai girls call me a Cheap Charlie.

Generally, when the feminine charms offered by a woman does not work to sell their product, any product in Thailand, they will call you a Cheap Charlie as one last attempt make you pay too much.

It is better to be Cheap, than a fat slob of a big spender, think about it.

And, if you just chose to move abroad, or live abroad for a long-times, most tourists on two week vacations are both big spenders, and live lavishly and can very insulting if you do not spend as if you was going home tomorrow, the splurge mentality.

Have fun.

Andy Graham

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