BoBo Bourgeois Bohemian

It is always good to learn trendy French slang prior to coming to Francophone Africa to always be one step ahead of the wanna be travel intellectuals.

How to use? When meeting up with a few volunteers in West Africa, whether English or French, best to drop the letters ONG, and not NGO, the as Non Governmental Organizations in Francophone West Africa is O.N.G.

Sean Penn

Then, when they are barely listening, drop in a sentence that the hotel is BoBo. This will keep them at bay, slow them down, and put them on notice, that no pretentious belief systems will be allowed in your presense.

And, of course, 99 percent of the hotels you live in, in Francophone West Africa will most certainly be qualified as BoBo.

Careful, Bourgeois Bohemian is not correct, it is Bourgeois Boheme.

The proper use of BoBo is Bourgeois Boheme, please only use this phrase, and never the English translation. And, to make it better, this phrase is not in Wikipedia as of December 8, 2013, so you can be a trend setter.

Bourgeois Boheme Defined:

The BoBo term, is a contraction of Bourgeois and Boheme, as an expression indicating of the relatively easy people whose values are on the left. Starting from this general standard, various attributes can be added to the prototype of the BoBo: urban, ecologist, idealist, hypocrite… It is thus about a lifestyle, i.e. of an attempt to characterize a social group according to the values which its members share, rather than according to their socio-economic or demographic characteristics.

In France the term is used in a pejorative way to nominate easy persons proclaiming itself of the left, but whose acts are contradictory with the values which they defend.

More or less a rich kid, who acts like he or she loves the planet, supports ecology movements, and they drive their gas guzzling SUV to the save the planet meetings.

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I wish you would elaborate more on N.G.O.s.

You are one of the few people in the world the deals with them on a constant basis many days of every month of every year for the past 20 years.

No Joke. The U.N. United Nations should hire you as a consultant to teach them how to spend (OUR) their money. I too have dealt with them. 2 Categories.

1: Wide-eyed college kids who WANT to change the World.
#2 Those who Exploit Wide-eyed college kids who cant change the world.

This is a book that needs to be published by Andy.

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