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My Travel Dictionary is made for readers to collect all the traveler jargon, phrases and non-standard uses of words encountered by world travelers.

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Grimstad, Norge


Kpalime, Togo

Bella Sol

St Louis United States


Buenos Aires, Argentinien

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Guatemala Traveler Terms

Guatemala words you will encounter as a traveler in the country of Guatemala.


Thailand slang, jargon or words you will hear in Thaialand.

Dominican Republic Traveler Terms

Dominican Republic Jargon, Slang, or words used in this country that are abnormally used or in non-standard phrased with tourists.

T - the letter T in the Travel Dictionary :

T - The letter T in Travel Dictionary :

P - Letter P in the Travel Dictionary :

The letter P in the Travel Dictionary:

L -

L words defined for travel, this is the letter L.

H the Letter H of the Travel Dictionary

Words or jargon that begin with H in the world of travelers.

Travel Dictionary: A collection of terms, slang, words, phrases that are often used in non-standard ways by seasoned travelers of the planet. This site is to explain the vernacular of the traveler. Please help by submitting words or phrases. Click on "Travel Forum" above to see the alphabet of collected phrases.

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