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S H I T Suspected Hippie In Transit, Jeroen pointed out in Malaysia, maybe Singapore they used to stamp Passports S.H.I.T.

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The term Godspeed is used by well mannered friends and family a traditional parting phrase said, right after the words goodbye.

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It is always good to learn trendy French slang prior to coming to Francophone Africa to always be one step ahead of the wanna be travel intellectuals.

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Grand Tour

The Grand Tour defined, the rites of passage tour made by young British men from 1660 to 1840 to enlighten them to the world. Le Grand Tour

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Cheap Charlie Defined, it means more than cheap, and is often used in Thailand in rough and tumble areas, it means something if you hear a friend use it.

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ProMaDor Defined: This is French Man slang in Cote dIvoire for girls PROMADOR , means PROmener, MAnger, DORmir - Walk, Eat, and Sleep.

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Leakage Losing Small Money because of temptation, on indirect, unanticipated expenses.

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Affinity Fraud - There is a natural attraction or feeling of kinship to people who also speak English, and they can scam you easily.

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Lost Generation is a time period coined by Hemingway right after WW I.

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Woo Woo - W

Jeff P on Lago Atitlan introduced a new word to describe all the hippie dippie ways groups search for meaning on Lago Atitlan and other Woo Woo spots.

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Travel Dictionary: A collection of terms, slang, words, phrases that are often used in non-standard ways by seasoned travelers of the planet. This site is to explain the vernacular of the traveler. Please help by submitting words or phrases.

This site is the "Master" copy of words:

Dictionary of Traveler Terms

This is a dictionary of terms use by "World Citizens," because we use special words and phrases to non-standard ways to describe travel. These words are meshed together, sometimes it is slang, other times jargon, maybe just a non-standard usage of normal English words. Words like "Expat" are so commonly used by traveler, we forget that not everyone understands, maybe correctly and / or incorrectly I am collecting this growing list for clarification and help, an evolving list of common terms used by travelers I meet. Please submit terms, or ideas that are needed for world travel. System where you can plug a normal telephone into a jack on the side of a computer that has a high-speed Internet access and make telephone calls.

Mañana Syndrome:
when nothing get done, and truly not important if it does, mañana means tomorrow, and tomorrow never comes, and when we talk about tomorrow we are not creating a commitment, we are just talking about tomorrow. Talking about tomorrow means nothing in underdeveloped countries, or the normal planet.

Maxim: Generally any simple and memorable rule or guide for living, a principle for action, in that sense a maxim is a thought that can motivate individuals.

Mobile Household or Mobile Householders: The nuclear family is the unit of parents with their children: a social unit. When this group lives in a house, it is called a household, or the group are householders. Mobile is something moving easily: able to move freely or easily, thus a mobile household is when a nuclear family can move their household freely or easily.


Skaters (those 'ex pats' on the lam from the law up north). (by TropicalGuide)


Underdeveloped World:

Up Country:

You are the light

VOIP: "Voice Over IP" This is using systems like, this means you can make telephone calls that are routed through high-speed Internet connections. A person uses a computer and an interface such as Magic Jack is another system that is very popular.


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